February 21, 2018

Fonts that pack a punch

Fonts have amazing super powers. They can take something from Eh? to Oh Yea! in the matter of seconds. Used correctly, you can do a lot with the simple use of fonts alone. There are some key things to keep in mind when using fonts in your marketing, so be careful. Once you unlock this door, you need to be responsible or you could overwhelm your audience.

Here are some key tips when using fonts in marketing that I have found to be very useful:

    1. Know your audience.

      • If your target is college professors, more often than not, comic sans is not appropriate.  Use fonts that  feel professional.  The same is true when targeting marketing professionals.  You can be more whimsical here and have fun, but make certain that it makes sense and maintains a professional appearance.  You have just a couple of seconds to engage your audience with a visual… make it worthwhile!  Take the opportunity to ensure that they are reading what YOU select for them to read.
    2. Don’t overdo it.

      • Just because you have 459 fonts in your library does not mean that you have to use them all in one graphic.  Personally, I like to use no more than three fonts in any marketing piece.  {One serif, one sans serif, and one accent font.} It offers a sense of consistency while emphasizing the few pieces of information that I select for the readers.no-no
    3. Make it readable.

      • There are some very fun fonts out there – believe me, I know!  That said, some are just not legible.  Period.  I’m not suggesting NEVER using these fonts, but these should be reserved for emphasizing key words and phrases rather than scaring your audience away by over-use.
    4. Have fun with it.

        This is your art.  You do need to be happy with the product you design!  There is always a happy medium between you and your audience.  Take your time and enjoy the creative process.


Want more?  Click here for a list of my favorite free font sites where you can download literally thousands!  Make sure you have a good hour before walking down this path as it is quite scenic 🙂


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