February 21, 2018

Excel Shortcuts

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I admit it.  I get a little too giddy when I see something, ANYTHING, that I can make into a spreadsheet 🙂

  • Social Media/Email statistics updated – Spreadsheet!
  • Husband and I keeping stats during Insanity fit tests – Spreadsheet!
  • Getting ready for the Fantasy Baseball Draft – Spreadsheet!
  • Family Budget – Spreadsheet!
  • Deciding our children’s names – Spreadsheet!  And no, I am not kidding here 🙂

And, oh yes!  Charts and graphs are a must!

Excel, in particular, and I have a long-term relationship that began several years ago.  We have evolved our relationship through upgrades, new computers, and even viruses.  But through it all, we remain close because one thing is clear: Consistency is part of Excel.  Though you may need to look in a new tab every once in a while, almost all shortcuts remain and are incredibly helpful in your spreadsheet needs.  (For the purpose of this article, we are working with PCs – I know, I know…  One day I will go to an Apple, but for now, my Gateway is just fine!)

Literally hundreds of shortcuts exist for your use.  You can Ctrl+Alt your way to some fun if you simply know where to look. ASAP Utilities has put together a full list of Excel shortcuts.  Click here and enjoy 🙂

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