February 21, 2018

3 easy (and natural!) ways to boost energy

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I wanted to share with you some quick tips on how to naturally boost energy to help get you through the day.

1. Eat right (and often!)

A high-protein diet of small meals about six times a day will keep you going strong all day long.  A handful of almonds will take you far! Click here for menu ideas.

As hard as it can be some days, do NOT skip breakfast!  This can be easily done.  Click here for some fun (and quick!) ideas!

2. Laugh, silly!  

It is proven that if you have a little bit of joy to brighten your day, everything (including your energy!) is boosted.  You are more confident, more effective in your job, and simply more happy 🙂

“A good laugh raises your blood pressure and boosts heart rate, too, which can pump you up when you’re feeling sluggish,” says Robert R. Provine, PhD, author of Laughter.

3. Move it

According to a study in Personality and Social Psychology, a 10-minute walk will rev you up for up to two hours!

Of course, if these aren’t working for you, we can always find a way to Spark you up!

Another option is to get you started on a 24-Day Challenge.  This is a way to provide your body with “smooth energy” all day long with the added benefit of losing weight and inches!

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